OPENING DAY              Monday, August 17, 2009- Main Hall

03:00 pm

Keynote Speaker:  Prof. Dr. Jochen ZSCHAU, GFZ German Research Centre for Geosciences, Potsdam, Germany

“Turkish-German Project on Earthquake Research: Lessons Learned”


DAY ONE                  Tuesday, August 18, 2009- Main Hall

09:00 am

Semih TEZCAN, Professor of Civil Engineering, Boğaziçi University

 “Risk Management and P25 – Rapid Scoring Technique”

09:45 am

Nobuo HURUKAWA, PhD., Director of  International Institute of Seismology and Earthquake Engineering (IISEE), Tsukuba, Japan

 “Joint Hypocenter Determination for Better Understanding of Earthquakes”

02:00 pm

Russ EVANS, British Geological Survey, UK

“A Review of the Kocaeli Earthquake of 1999,  Comparison with the l'Aquila Earthquake of 2009, and an Exciting Opportunity to Integrate and Disseminate the Lessons We Have Learned So Far”

02:45 pm

Nicole DURAN, Ph.D. Villanova University, Core Humanities Program, USA

"Culture and Disaster: A Personal Experience from 1999 East-Marmara Earthquake"

DAY TWO                    Wednesday, August 19, 2009- Main Hall

09:00 am

Thanasis C. TRIANTAFILLOU, Professor, Director of Structural Materials Laboratory, University of Patras, Greece

“Repair and Strengthening Through Carbon Fiber Overlays “

09:45 am

Spyros PAVLIDES, Professor of Geology, Chairman of the School of Geology,

Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki,  Greece

"Hidden earthquakes in the Gölcük - Kavaklı, Yenice-Gönen and Troy faults, Palaeoseismological and Archaeoseismological approach"

02:00 pm

İbrahim ÇEMEN, Professor, Oklahoma State University,  USA

“Earthquake Prediction: Lessons from the August 17, 1999 Izmit Earthquake.”