Scientific Programme

General Information

The primary objectives of the symposium are:

  • To focus on recent research related to earthquakes,

  • To bring all participants from local and national government institutions, private sectors, and  NGO related to earthquakes,

  •  To create such a platform in which participants from all countries should share their scientific information, their social and academic knowledge, and their suggestions.   

The scientific programme of the symposium will comprise both Oral and Poster presentations. Invited speakers from various part of the world, they will give a talk about “Earthquakes’’ during the symposium. The oral presentations will be organized in parallel sessions.

Submitted papers evaluated by scientific committees and the decision of a corresponding scientific committee will be sent to the corresponding author. 

Presentation Types

Oral Presentation – Oral presentations are limited to 20 minutes, including discussions. Presentations as a Power Point format copied on a CD or a flash memory should be given to a person who will be ready for you in the speaker room. Computers and projectors will be available in rooms. Please do not use your personal computer or laptop. 


Poster Presentation– Poster presentations will be given a poster area on a freestanding board. The dimension of boards is approximately 85 cm wide and 110 cm high.


Abstracts must be submitted to the Executive Committee Secretaries, and must be reached by May 15, 2009. The authors may choose either Oral or Poster form for their presentations. The scientific committee will take the author’s preference into full consideration for the final decision.

All abstracts will be published in an Abstract Booklet. Participants will receive an abstract booklet upon check-in at the Umuttepe Campus. Full papers may be published, if adequate arrangements can be made after the Symposium, as we did in the previous symposiums.


To submit an abstract, please go to the symposium main page at . Then click on ‘Registration’ button and scroll and choose ‘Registration Form’. To get a user ID and password, please write your e-mail address in the box. When you click on "sent" button, you will receive a user ID and password from us automatically. Please keep this information in a safe place. If you have a user ID and password, you can now log into the system. To complete your registration, you need to fill in the form and upload your abstract. You may review or update your registration information by using your user ID and password at any time until May 15, 2009. From your account, you can delete or add a file at any time. Please keep the final version of your abstract (or abstracts) in your account and delete unnecessary file (or files) from your account.   


We provide a simple template.doc file for editing your abstract. You can copy and paste your abstract inside the template.doc file. Finally, you can save your abstract as a code_name_lastname_numberofpresentation.doc (For instance: DM_1_serpil_gerdan_1.doc). The code number is related to your ‘presentation title’. You will find your code number from the registration form by clicking on ‘Codes of Subjects’. Now, you can submit your abstract in the registration form by using the ‘send’ button.  


The deadline for full papers is November 31st 2009. If you would like to prepare your full paper, please download a template_fullpaper2009.doc. You will find explanation about how to prepare a full paper in the template_fullpaper2009.doc file. Please follow the instructions.


Further details about the full papers will be announced after the symposium. 


NOTE: Please use Microsoft Office XP or Office 2003 for editing your abstract.